Krista D.

Krista Levering, CVT, BAS-VT, M-Ed

Krista has been with AAH on and off since 2010- she keeps taking "breaks" to go back to school! She started as a Vet Tech student intern. After graduating with her A.S. in Veterinary Technology, she decided to continue toward her B.A.S. in the same field. She graduated in 2014, this time with a Hospital Management and Nursing Care emphasis. She also just finished working on her MA in Education at USF as of 2018! She has been a squirrel rehabilitator, a kitten foster momma and a kitty hospice caretaker; you name it she wants to love it! In her spare time (cough, cough) she is a mother of two awesome human daughters, two kitties and a zany Labrador Retriever. She loves to be in and on the water, at the beach, spending time with her husband, or volunteering at her church. She has a passion for animals, a drive for learning new things, and a desire to create a peaceful environment for all. * Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.* -author unknown.