Jason S., CVT


Originally from New York, Jason had been working as a certified veterinary technician in Florida since completing his schooling in Denver, Colorado in 2005. Jason has also previously been the supervisor/lead laboratory technician for two Florida veterinary diagnostic laboratories. Jason is a proud father to his teenage son, as well as his herd of rescued pets, a 9 year old Pit-bull, a 5 year old American Bulldog, a 6 year old Yorkie mix, and a 7 year old cat. Along with the dogs and cats, Jason recently adopted his new friend a 7-year-old male Eclectus Parrot from AAH and has many reptile rescue animals as well as personal pets. In his free time, Jason enjoys outdoor activities with his son such as fishing, beaches, and parks. Jason also enjoys relaxing and watching movies in his free time, as well as working with various reptiles. Jason suffers from Arachnophobia and a reptile dysfunction. :)